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Health Recommendations for Women 40 to 64

Una mujer asiática sujetando flores

The road to long-term health begins with your primary care doctor, who oversees your preventive health screenings and offers insights about any risks or warning signs of chronic illness.

Hablemos de prevención

Busca un médico

Partnering with a primary care and OB/GYN doctor is foundational to maintaining  good health now and in the decades to come. 

These recommendations are intended as a guide for women 40-64 who are of general good health to discuss with their physician.

Llama al 1-800-247-9580 para obtener una derivación a un médico para hablar sobre estas recomendaciones.

Screenings and Vaccinations

You may also want to ask your doctor about screenings and vaccinations appropriate for adult women. Estas incluyen: 

  • Prueba de audición
  • Prueba de visión
  • Vacuna contra la hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C screening
  • Vacuna contra la varicela
  • Vacuna de refuerzo Tdap (tétanos)
  • Bone density (osteoporosis)
  • Evaluación de diabetes
  • Shingles (50 and older)
  • Lung cancer screening. Learn if you qualify >
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